Sunday, March 9, 2008

EROL OTUS - keeper of the old school flame

I can get pretty crazy about certain artists. I have quite an extensive list. And I'm pretty particular, too. But there's this superfly, old school, mofo that I've been trying to keep tabs on that I've only recently found more of his stuff.

Good old Erol Otus. Dungeons and Dragons wouldn't have been the same without him (eternal hails to Gary Gygax for being the penultimate Dungeon Master though, RIP). He is like the Jack Kirby of RPG artists to me. There's even a strange esoteric nod to Cubism and German Expressionism in his style that also reminds me of Kirby.

Maybe I'm just fishing but I am obsessed, no doubt about it. I just acquired some sweet images that I'll share with you here. These are from a generic d20 RPG system by Goodman Games from their Dungeon Crawl Classics, keeping it old school. Check it... radness.

The Sunless Garden

Mysteries of the Drow

Crypt of the Devil Lich

The Mysterious Tower

Citadel of the Demon Prince

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Anonymous said...

This guys stuff is great. While more cartoonish than today's D&D art, they are still some of the greatest D&D images out there.