Thursday, October 30, 2008

the stuff dreams are made of...

This morning I dreamt that I was in someone's suburban basement infested with a demoniacal presence that was trying to torment me by torturing some cats. I raised my hands to it to ward off the evil and cast my palms out while I shouted, "Back! Back! Go back to where you came from! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!"

The best part about the dream was that it became so intense that I woke actually woke myself by saying in reality, "GO BACK...!"

It was awesome.

I have insomnia bunches and can only make myself sleep by taking melatonin sometimes. If I take too much then I have nightmares.  But believe me you, I've had some doozies and that ain't nothin'!

Sorry, no art. I'm bein' a punk.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Virginia is for PBR Lovers

You may have seen this guy if you live in Virginia. (understatement)

I went to school with this guy. I've gotten into fights with this guy. I've worked many jobs with this guy.

And, surprise! surprise!, in RVA I've gone to hardcore/punk/metal shows/parties with this guy- HUH?!?

And here's another guy I used to work with at a furniture shop. This is my friend Brian. He's not a redneck, he's a ginger-ninja.

He would usually make this face while saying something like, "Oh? Like YOUR FACE?!?" or, "HAGGIS!" or, "HADUKEN!!!"

Actually, today I was laid off from the job which we worked together. Hang in there, Brian, my ginja...

Fred Head

I'm a few pages from finishing Max Brooks' World War Z and I've had zombie on the brain for a while. Can you tell?

Let me just say that World War Z is pretty damn rad. I have been enjoying the different perspectives given in this account of the worldwide zombie apocalypse.

So, good old Fred Head here is just a little zombie playtime sketch. I call him Fred because he reminds me of one of the neighbors in I Love Lucy.

He might drop by to borrow a cup of brains...