Monday, May 19, 2008

good peeps

no pictures. just words.

i'm gonna keep this in the informal non-caps that i can just throw down. please excuse.

basically this blog is an appreciation of some of the people that i call friends. and i'll actually narrow it down to someone that i admire and appreciate for his particular brand of friendship.

this shout out goes to Patrick Godfrey. he's good peeps. genuinely.

i've got to say that Patrick's level of honesty is justified, non-bullshitting, and even-tempered. this isn't to say that he is stone-faced and unapproachable. Patrick has a demeanor that has certainly been forged by the experiences of his life, that is he has learned from those experiences and makes them count by exercising the wisdom gained from those lessons.

it is a misfortune that many don't operate on this same level. much to Patrick's credit his integrity is well intact, as far as i've witnessed. and i have no reason to believe otherwise.

the reason for this appreciation stems from a meeting that we had this evening. i met with Patrick to express my regrets and misgivings about having to pull out of the Team 8 Press Creator Showcase comic. the reason being that my job (having nothing to do with my degree or interests) has pretty much been handing me my ass on a daily basis. by the time i get home i have no creative energy left and can barely draw and/or read. i'm not cool with this and i'm trying to work life into a semblance of satisfying productivity.

having been unemployed for 4 months while finishing up school in december 2007 took its toll on me and i'm only just now crawling out from under that rock. i wasn't receiving unemployment b/c i couldn't actively seek employment with my school schedule so i was forced to borrow money, a practice i'm almost too proud to do. hence i've been working a job since mid january that isn't creative in the sense that counts for me. and it's draining.

i'm working toward creative expressions regardless but as i've mentioned before this flow is a weak trickle by day's end. i'm still trying to grow as an artist b/c i'm ever critical of my ability, skill, and techniques not to mention my overall headspace as an artist. i have so much to learn and i aspire to be better always.

Patrick recognizes and empathizes with these things with earnest clarity. for that i'm appreciative. moreover i'm grateful for his faith in my ability as an artist despite my sharp inward eye.

so my thanks to P.G. he's good peeps.