Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Oh, yeah. Here it is, batches! I've had a stiffy for this piece ever since I came up with the idea (dare I say it) months ago!

After beating my head against the composition of the characters, environment, and major supporting elements like, I don't know, style- I've finally created this post-apocalyptic nightmare for mass consumption.

So eat up!


Erin said...

This is so effing awesome! No shit, I just finished a comic book night with my geek self and my geek roomate and some geek friends (all deeply respected) and this is the coolest thing I've seen all night by far. You rule pretty hard Tim. Keep doing what you're doing for the sake of us all.---Erin

don d. said...

pretty bad ass there tim!
well done.

KindaGamey said...

I'm a big fan of post-apocalyptic nightmares, robots, fish-men, and titties so this went right up my alley.