Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few things really... 

Tonight I was working on art & design for the Ft. Myers, FL roller derby bout in June. I'd only had a bowl of oatmeal for breggies and was loopy-famished. My plan was to hit the vegetarian buffet at Panda Veg at 5pm and go to figure drawing afterward.

I crushed 3 fat plates at the buffet with serious diet soda 
washdowns. Just as I was thinking I was the champ, the radio played the Rocky theme just for me, no lie.

I got to figure drawing an hour late because I thought it was later than sooner. Cue Redd Foxx, "You big dummy!" I got 2 decent sketches in.

Then Patrick Godfrey and I went to pick up Tom and go to the Team 8 Designs meeting for the Creator Showcase comics they're publishing.

I've hinted at my project previously, but here's the actual working material. Team 8 is screen printing covers with 3 color ink and color bristol cover with offset press b/w interiors. I've breathed enough life into my lark character, Pirate Ninja Yarrri-Kari, to be satisfied presenting an initial public offering. I'll be illustrating a 21 line poem penned by an anonymous 14th century samurai that is commonly known as the "Warrior's Creed." My biggest influences for this project are ukiyo-e prints and the beloved Samurai Jack. Stop me if you've heard this one...

So here you go. A peek of the character design (probably still in development) and I'll be finishing the cover in a few days. Feedback more than welcome. Cheers.

Monday, April 21, 2008

old art series - b/c I'm way wicked busy...

So it's a cop out. I've been very busy with many tasks, activities, situations. I've been very tired. I will be kicking some A before long though. Speaking of which, look at these guys getting ready to do just that.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

old art series - 2001

I've recently closed out my myspace artwork album and I'm in the process of posting that stuff on this artwork blog. Makes sense...

Here's a piece that I did for my junior year at VCU. Obviously it's a redesign of one of our favorite movies for a digital drawing class. The piece is pencils with digital coloring in Photoshop. I was just learning some more Photoshop tricks and this is actually my first digital coloring, pre-Wacom tablet. So I colored this jank with a freaking mouse.

It is what it is...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

howdy, stranger...

Oh, it's been a while since I've blogged. I've been working my ass off at work and doodling a little when I'm on lunch breaks or at home or Beth's.

March 14th I started a new sketchbook, with better paper than the last piece of crap sketchbook, and I've filled about 28 pages with sketches, doodles, anatomy, and gestures.

So, I suppose the obligatory sketch dump is in order. Here goes...

I've been working on my main weakness as per usual: anatomy. One day I will be extra special good at it. This is from Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck. It's a pretty good paperback that I carry with me frequently.

These two are from different ukiyo-e prints from my Ukiyo-e book mentioned in a previous blog. I used the Pitt brush pen, Microns, and Prismacolor markers.

Here's a quick and dirty for my roomie's band The Black Times. Jim wanted an homage to the Ramones but with esoteric imagery a la Freemasonry, alchemy, etc. The triangle read '33' with the Freemason image but has been changed to a billiard rack with the 8, the cue, and the 4 balls for '804.' With time run out in the hourglass, a clutch of lightning and a scythe, the whole thing is roped off with an inverted ouroboros. Black times indeed...

Finished this one today on lunch break. Femur studies from the same anatomy book. Figured I'd mess around with some hatching too.

In an effort to improve my skills, I've been going to figure drawing sessions for about 3 weeks now. On Friday I go to the Visual Art Center on Main Street from 6:30-9pm. On Sunday I go to Ghostprint Gallery on Broad Street, just a few blocks from my apartment.

Actually I missed last weekend's session. Just plain forgot. But the first session yielded this drawing, inked with the Pitt brush pen and watercolored.

I see the glaring errors, and my old figure drawing teacher would probably bodyslam my ass, but I feel alright about it. Just alright. I feel better about the watercolors than the anatomy/figure drawing.

Let it go...