Friday, November 7, 2008


I gotta thank Tom Batten for inadvertently throwing me this idea. And although the DC/Marvel Amalgam series already did Dark Claw, I had my own ideas (if only slightly similar) for this treatment.

Caveat: This was only just a sketch that I wasn't even planning on taking this far, hence the busted anatomy and some generic ideas. And I accidentally gave him Thor boot tops instead of Wolverine boot tops. So I'll probably develop this more and enter it into the "MASH-UP" contest at Velocity Comics. I will say though my favorite features are the scalloped claws and the utility belt.

Not to mention the appellation of 'the Dark Canuck.' I'm sorry, that makes me chuckle each time I say it to myself. Also, what could more of a manly-man name be than Bruce Logan?!

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