Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few things really... 

Tonight I was working on art & design for the Ft. Myers, FL roller derby bout in June. I'd only had a bowl of oatmeal for breggies and was loopy-famished. My plan was to hit the vegetarian buffet at Panda Veg at 5pm and go to figure drawing afterward.

I crushed 3 fat plates at the buffet with serious diet soda 
washdowns. Just as I was thinking I was the champ, the radio played the Rocky theme just for me, no lie.

I got to figure drawing an hour late because I thought it was later than sooner. Cue Redd Foxx, "You big dummy!" I got 2 decent sketches in.

Then Patrick Godfrey and I went to pick up Tom and go to the Team 8 Designs meeting for the Creator Showcase comics they're publishing.

I've hinted at my project previously, but here's the actual working material. Team 8 is screen printing covers with 3 color ink and color bristol cover with offset press b/w interiors. I've breathed enough life into my lark character, Pirate Ninja Yarrri-Kari, to be satisfied presenting an initial public offering. I'll be illustrating a 21 line poem penned by an anonymous 14th century samurai that is commonly known as the "Warrior's Creed." My biggest influences for this project are ukiyo-e prints and the beloved Samurai Jack. Stop me if you've heard this one...

So here you go. A peek of the character design (probably still in development) and I'll be finishing the cover in a few days. Feedback more than welcome. Cheers.


jared said...

I think it looks great, the character design totally makes sense, and it looks like an animation cell.

donald said...

nice job dude!