Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In prior entries, I mention how much I like to do flyers and posters. I'll also say there are good flyers around town, but not many. Some people just slop together some picture with 5-8 different fonts without regard for contrast, arrangement or flow. It hurts me to see bad promotional flyers and posters.

I'm not saying I'm a master but I think, as do others, that I do a pretty good job. It's something that I enjoy doing given the right motivation. Having been in numerous bands in the past I'm sensitive to this art form. I started with hand drawn, hand lettered flyers until I learned to use Pagemaker and Photoshop back in '98. These days I use the Adobe Creative Suite on a Mac. I still do custom art for flyers and even a little hand lettering, but mostly I pick a suitable font or fonts. I have been known to use other artists' artwork that is typically considered public domain usually because it's quicker.

This flyer was assigned to me last night and I jammed it out because my roomie needed to pass out handbills at Metal Mondays. His band just landed the gig and only has a week to promote. I decided that the elements of the bands on the bill and the dynamics of their music deserved dynamic and esoteric imagery. One of the elements I found on Akris' myspace profile (I listen to songs of bands to make sure imagery fits their sound) was the praying mantis. M.C. Escher's 'Dream (Mantis Religiosa)' sprang to mind and I banged out this flyer.

Click on the image to enlarge and FLYERS AND POSTERS link in STUFF to see more flyers and posters work.


Will Towles said...

thanks for the flier. jerkface spelling tyrant.

B Brown inc. said...

2 thumbs up!