Sunday, January 25, 2009

Latest Haps (Frrreeeeaaaakkkkkyyy...)

First, my apologies for indulging in the mundane drivel that I usually don't have the stomach for. But there have been some interesting, borderline bizarre, occurrences here of late. I'm blaming Facebook.

I got an e-mail on Saturday morning that Jason Willingham sent me a Facebook message. I hadn't seen Jason in 20+ years. He was responsible for turning me on to the gospel of punk rock in 1984 in podunk, intolerant Lynchburg, VA. We ended up meeting for a late lunch at the Village and then we hung out a little afterward. Blew my freaking mind...

So, today after band practice, I'm checking my e-mail again and an old girlfriend sends me a message via Facebook! Unbelievable. Jena Mae Tway and her family put me up for a little bit here in Richmond when the crew of punks I was running with in '92 turned on me like a pack of dogs. Strange times...

Seeing as how these things usually happen in clusters, whether Mercury is retrograde or whatever, I'm getting a little freaked out.

Again, I blame Facebook. But in a good way.

I decided to see who else was out there and happened to contact another old girlfriend, whom I've yet to hear back from. It's just weird.

None of this is what I'd expected. And since I haven't been turning out any artwork lately, here's the latest (freaky) haps.

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