Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Virginia is for PBR Lovers

You may have seen this guy if you live in Virginia. (understatement)

I went to school with this guy. I've gotten into fights with this guy. I've worked many jobs with this guy.

And, surprise! surprise!, in RVA I've gone to hardcore/punk/metal shows/parties with this guy- HUH?!?

And here's another guy I used to work with at a furniture shop. This is my friend Brian. He's not a redneck, he's a ginger-ninja.

He would usually make this face while saying something like, "Oh? Like YOUR FACE?!?" or, "HAGGIS!" or, "HADUKEN!!!"

Actually, today I was laid off from the job which we worked together. Hang in there, Brian, my ginja...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dewd dont talk about virgin's like that. I mean virginians. I like the Ginja pic lol thats awesome. I remember when you drew this!