Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update, no artwork to show- yet...

I've been working at this new job now for 3 weeks. It's quite strenuous and my arms feel like they're going to snap off at the shoulders at times. It's draining my physical energy, so my mental/creative energy usually follows suit.

I've cranked out a number of thumbnails for Pirate-Ninja Yarri-Kari. And, as is my bent, I'm delving into the research necessary for me to feel like I'm doing my project justice. My sketches are developing well, but I've slacked off this week as above energy issues have been at hand.

But the weekend is here and some mental reinvigoration has begun to commence. Last night brought me out to the First Friday art walk. I'm usually bored and skulking at this but I saw 3 things that entertained my jaded ass. And as I crawled out from under my proletariat-grey rock to cavort (read: stalk) amongst the night-goers, I ran into some estranged, but welcome faces.

Of note was my friend Lewis of the local pop/punk/metal band I Live With Zombies. We rapped outside Rumors boutique inbetween band sets. Then I set out for the Camel to catch The Amoeba Men and Ho-Ax, but saw some more peeps at the Village. Of course I had to say hey and then tromped off to the show.

Finally at the show, I ran into old Lynchburg and Roanoke crewe: Danny, Derek, Chris, Mike, Bill, Jason; and Richmonders: Sean and the Mullarneys. All swell peeps, for sure. Time was short as I was obliged to shuffle homeward for rendezvous with my lady.

But Bill's drumming in The Amoeba Men looked like he was in a voodoo trance tangentially enhanced by the daishiki he was wearing. I was expecting spit sprays of liquor, smoking cigars, candle wax, and spatters of chicken blood. But alls I got was some kinetic, bombastic, avant garde, synthpunk. Shucks.

Anyway, I'd like to close by endorsing Cloverfield. This has to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, aside from documentaries. I was impressed. I loved the concept, the execution, the use of angles, the pacing, colors, etc... This movie took it to the next level for me. I'm hard pressed to give such glowing endorsements (refer to above 'jaded ass' statement, third paragraph), but this did it for me. But, if shaky camera work makes you sick, take a dramamine before seeing it. The whole movie is shake-tastic. But filling.


Los said...

hey fool call me or aquinoillustration.blogspot


Los said...

yeah there is so much more time to do work, which is good. But im just chillen working on my scientific portfolio for people up north. Ill be here until the end of the semester. dont sweat it just keep intouch and work on that comic book of that samuari- did i spell that right?