Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This glorious monstrosity was slapped together as a lark during my Fall '06 semester. The premise being that certain things that were played-out would be rolled up into mock-cover chimeraes.

Here's a pirate that's a ninja! He's riding a unicorn that's a zombie! They're being attacked by penguins that are robots! Glory be! How pandemonius!!!

Well, I started my last semester (Fall '07) wanting to jam out some material to satisfy my creative urges. I started with a keen project, which you'll see more of in the future (tease), but its scope exceeded my capabilities as the semester then picked up steam.

I throttled back by putting that (mystery) project on the back burner and decided to breathe some life into my absurd little pirate-ninja. As I'd continued to be inspired by Samurai Jack, with its wonderful background art and character designs (by such ass-kickers as Genndy Tartakovsky, Lynne Naylor, Bill Wray, to name but a few), I started salivating obscenely to apply this to said project. Those abstractions and palettes were the perfect approaches to take with my scurvy-assassin!

Well, things got retarded early on that semester. Life destabilized with unemployment and soon enough I could barely pull sufficient creativity off for my classes, much less a comicky book. The initial thought was that I would just throw together some ramshackle character designs and bg's and let it fly. I jumped in.

But, I couldn't do it. I became disenchanted with my sloppy designs and really felt the need to develop some characters, environments, and storytelling. Even though this would be haphazard action and violence I wanted it to be more dynamic than what I was putting into it.

So, here's the first inspirational panel I'd generated on a whim that gave me the idea to revive this keelhauled-killer. And as part of my list of resolutions for 2008, I'm going to crank out some Pirate-Ninja Yarrri Kari comix (along with developing other projects) to be self-published and for public consumption. Kanpai, me mateys!


naomiful said...

Ahaha wtf

Great style Tim love it

jeijei said...

*clears throat* NIIIIICE